Wednesday 8 February 2017

Introducing Rubble Games and Super Endless Kingdom Mega Quest Extreme

Hi, I'm Paul. I'm the solo indie game developer behind Rubble Games and I'm getting ready to release my debut game - Super Endless Kingdom Mega Quest Extreme. It's (past) time that I started documenting my progress so welcome to my first blog post.

About me

I left a moderately lengthy and largely fruitless career in local government at the start of the year to takeover childcare for my young son and work as a full-time game dev/web dev. My savings will last to the end of the year by which point I'll either need to bring in some money or get a proper job where I don't share an office with my cat. Fingers crossed.
I've been playing games for over 30 years, starting with the Atari 2600 and ZX Spectrum but really developing into a lifelong passion when my brother and I received a NES as a joint Christmas present. As the years passed the NES became a SNES, then an N64, Gamecube, and Wii/DS before the joys of PC/browser and mobile games broke my faithful dedication to Nintendo (that Switch does look pretty cool though, hmm).
After the birth of my son I started looking for a career I could enjoy, my previous approach of living for the evenings and weekends no longer felt viable now I was meant to be setting a good example. I quickly settled on web development and loved it from the start. I had vague notions of maybe learning C# one day and making games but nothing concrete until I saw a tweet from Github linking to an interview with Richard Davey, creator of the Phaser game engine. Seeing an engine for html5 games (I knew html) written in Javascript (I knew that too) was a real eye opener and led directly to where I am today, so thanks Richard, and thanks Github.

(A little bit) About Super Endless Kingdom

I won't go into it much in this post as it'll be pretty much the subject of the whole blog for a while at least. Super Endless Kingdom Mega Quest Extreme is a fast-paced retro arcade shooter with RPG and resource management elements. It's inspired in large part by SNES classics such as Link to the Past or Super Smash TV but also by more modern casual/indie games for mobile and browsers.
I'm at something approximating late-stage Alpha in the development process and I'm looking for a few testers to help with feedback and bug checking, check out for a trailer and to sign up.

Why Super Endless Kingdom Mega Quest Extreme?

My working title of 'That Game Where You Shoot Stuff and Try Not to Die' was starting to feel a little unwieldy so I tried to come up with something more concise. What started out as a joke based on a jumble of SNES-era game names eventually began to seem like a good fit for the type of game I was making and so it stuck.

Why Rubble Games?

While picking a game name was a simple, natural process, choosing a studio name was anything but. Eventually as the game and website started to take shape I just needed to pick something. Even then, meaningful ideas were few and far between and a quick google search would identify that all (both) my cool name ideas were already taken. In desperation I started looking around the room for inspiration, still google dashed my hopes (who'd have thought there was a Toast Games?) until I eventually settled on Rubble (I don't live on a building site, it's the title of a game asset I had open at the time). The rest is (very recent) history.

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