Thursday 23 March 2017

Weekly Development Progress Report, 20/03/2017

A little late this week as I've been busy with family stuff and getting Super Endless Kingdom ready for release on Newgrounds. After releasing on Kongregate and pushing out 3 update in a week I took a little break last week to start on a new, much smaller, project. I'm not quite ready to talk about it yet so for now here's a gif by way of sneak preview.

February Update

I've been tracking a few stats with the intention of releasing a quick monthly update without quite finding the time. As I don't have much else to write this week I thought I'd just stick it in here for now.

February saw me launch the Rubble Games twitter account and by the end of the month I'd reached 310 followers.

I also launched this blog, making 4 posts that gained a total of 165 page views.

In total I worked 122.5 hrs in February, which works out at roughly 4.4 hours per day. For comparison in January I worked 129.5 hours, but as that was a longer month it averaged out at 4.2/day, so February was slightly busier.

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