Monday 27 March 2017

Weekly Development Progress Report, 27/03/2017

Well, it's been a pretty challenging week. I won't get into the reasons as it's not development related but it did delay the release of Super Endless Kingdom on Newgrounds. However, after spending the latter half of the week adding achievements and medals (only on Newgrounds for now but I'm planning to integrate them further for the final version) and getting to grips with a new API I finally managed to release today (hurrah!), see here for proof.

If you have a Newgrounds account please give the game a play and leave a review or rating, the feedback will really help as I prepare the next update, and if you don't have a Newgrounds account then by all means sign up and then restart this sentence. It'll only take a minute 😜

New Project

As I said last week, I've started a new project as a way to let off a bit of steam while I get Super Endless Kingdom ready for a full release. I'm still not ready to talk about it quite yet, but my intention is for it to be much smaller in scope (we'll see if I can fight off feature creep) and for it to be designed for mobile play while also still functioning in a browser. I do have some new artwork to share though, and I'm planning to have more to show on Saturday.

Something something loose cannon blah blah bend the rules blah get the job done etc

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