Monday, 17 April 2017

Weekly Development Progress Report, 17/04/17

Well that was a pretty rubbish week. A combination of illnesses and school holidays meant I only just managed to avoid setting a new record for least hours worked in a week. However, it wasn't a total loss. I did manage to start setting up sound effects on Zombie Cannon Attack, I'm mostly just using placeholder SFX from my last project and it sounds a little cluttered at the moment, but with the coding done it should be pretty straightforward to switch out the old sounds when I have something better and then tidy up a little.

Medals & Achievements
Nothing says 'Medal Unlocked' quite like a big yellow button with 'Medal Unlocked' written on it
I also managed to do most of the coding behind the medals/achievements system. Again I'm using a lot of placeholder assets at the moment so the pictures don't look that great but swapping out assets is simple compared to implementing the achievements and making sure the awards trigger when they're supposed to. Not having the rewards coded was also hampering work on balancing the gameplay so I've been able make decent progress on that over the last day or so.

I'll admit placeholder assets don't make for the best screenshot, but it's much better than the sound effects picture turned out
All in all then, some progress made but I don't really feel any closer to release. Hopefully I can avoid many more weeks like this.

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