Tuesday 14 February 2017

Super Endless Kingdom Mega Quest Extreme: The Plot

For those of you that read my last post, here is part one of the more in depth look at Super Endless Kingdom that I promised. For those of you that didn't read my last post, I promised a more in depth look at the game I'm developing, and here is part one. That should cover everyone.

The basic plot of Super Endless Kingdom boils down to the fact that people need decent public services such as health, education and defence but they aren't overly fond of paying for them via taxes. In our world the shortfall is made up by a combination of continuous exponential economic growth and the global market in sovereign debt, but imagine for a moment a world without either of these things (exciting I know). This other place is a world of rival medieval city states where dimly remembered legends of a glorious past of unity and co-operation have been replaced by fear and mistrust. The need to maintain a large army to defend against the large armies of your neighbours has each state trapped in a cycle of poverty and stagnation.

However, just beyond the borders of the Old Kingdom lie the Badlands, a place where magical wastelands and dark forests hide the ruins of civilizations that were already ancient when the Old Kingdom was at it's height. This is a land filled with treasure but, as those riches are jealously guarded by all manner of unspeakable horrors, no-one has been crazy or desperate enough to venture there for centuries. That's where you come in. As the Ruler of one small city state you must head out to face the horrors. Better make sure you're well equipped.

To compliment your Crown of Power, you wield the Ancient Wand of Power and Shield of Power, slip on your Ring of Power and Amulet of Power before donning your trusty Armour of Power and Boots of, um, Power. Your concerned citizens make sure you've mastered such advanced combat techniques as Walking in More Than One Direction and Destroying Inanimate Objects before sending you off for all that juicy loot.

How will you complete your quest? What challenges will you face? Find out in Part Two 😉
These people need your help!

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