Tuesday 21 February 2017

Super Endless Kingdom Mega Quest Extreme: The Gameplay

Super Endless Kingdom Mega Quest Extreme is a top down 2D shoot 'em up with a similar control system and gameplay to Arena-based twin stick arcade shooters such as Smash TV, but adapted for keyboard controls (using WASD  for movement and →  to shoot) in much the same way as, for example, the Journey of the Prairie King mini game from Stardew Valley.

Yes, he has no nose. Where did it go? Who nose (sorry)
Stages are procedurally generated, there are several different settings each with it's own unique obstacles and enemy NPCs as well as a general set of monsters that appear across all settings. The type, amount and placement of monsters and obstacles is random within certain rules so (outside of a few set-piece levels) you'll never play exactly the same level twice, and in theory there's no limit to the stage you can reach. The Badlands are literally endless.

Someone should really do something about all those loot chests littering the place - Keep the Badlands tidy.
Clearing a stage of enemies moves you on to the next stage which either has more enemies or new, tougher monsters to face. When you lose all your health your grateful citizens will teleport you back to your city just in the nick of time with all your loot intact.

Stage 71: Proof that there are at least 71 stages
Your city itself features your Royal Castle and Departments of State, as well as your Royal Artisans. The castle allows you to set the tax rate and gather information on the functioning of your city. You allocate the funds from taxes (supplemented by all your lovely quest loot) to the yearly budgets of your Departments of State, trusting them to spend their budgets in ways that will boost your economy and help your population grow.

The poor guy can't even afford chairs and still doesn't want to raise taxes. Oh the feels.
Your Royal Artisans also contribute to the health of the economy but their main function is to improve your items and skills to allow you to push further into the Badlands on your quests and so gather more loot and experience. Raising your population helps your artisans to add better perks which allows you to gain more loot so you can raise department budgets which boosts the population and so on in one continuous loot-gathering monster-slaughtering cycle.

Ok, this picture was in the last post so I need a clever caption to justify using it again, um...
The game is currently in closed alpha testing. If you'd like to help and get your name in the credits there's still time (contact details are on the website, drop me a line), all being well I'll move to open beta testing within the next few weeks.

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